Pacific Beaches - Third Beach

The trail to Third Beach is about a mile and a quarter long and takes about half an hour from the trailhead to the beach. It passes through coastal forest before descending to the beach near a small stream. The descent follows forest switchbacks with the ocean less visible than sensed. At the beach, expect a barrier of driftwood, carried in by the tides. Clamber to the beach, then head to the left and ford the stream. This is best done in the shallow waters where the freshwater meets the tide.

Follow the beach, explore the tide pools and admire the sea stacks. There is a waterfall at the far headland ahead. There is a headland trail if you are inclined to follow the coast south to Oil City near the mouth of the Hoh, but this is miles south. Instead, explore the tidepools and rocks at the base of the headland. There are anemones and starfish, though the latter were wiped out by disease in 2014. The word is that they are coming back.

There is the other end of the beach to explore as well. In any case, the beach is best explored during a low low tide, one of three feet or less.

NOTES: This hike is best centered around a low low tide, one under three feet. 

Time: 1:30 or longer

Driving time from Port Angeles: 1:10

Admission: technically ONP admission required

Facilities: None

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